Black Ops Hypnosis 2.0

The Black Ops Hypnosis website is not like any of the other hypnosis sites on the internet.  If you are looking for answers, most likely you will find something entirely different.  If you are looking for a Beginners Guide to Hypnosis you are out of luck.  Black Ops Hypnosis is an “advanced mental technology” not found elsewhere.

Dark Side Hypnosis and Mind Control:

hypnosisIn the Dark Side Hypnosis course of Cameron Crawford reveals the dark side of mind control. The training audios explain Dark Side Hypnosis.  It is a powerful and effective collection of advanced hypnosis mind control techniques.

This downloadable course provides numerous audio segments:

  • Dark side Hypnosis REVEALED  —  know exactly how these advanced tactics work. Understand exactly what Dark Side Hypnosis is.
  • The Godfather Method  —  learn how to become someone of value who people want to be controlled by in this 46 minute audio.
  • The Authority Hijack  —  learn how to enter a social situation or group of people and instantly command attention?  Use covert tactics that will let you fly in under the radar and control any social dynamic!
  • The Powerful EMPIRE MAN Technique —  learn techniques that give you more rock solid, unshakeable core confidence than you thought possible.
  • The Dangerously Effective Dark Shadow Technique  —  an advanced technique that gives you a window into anyone’s soul.   Reflect it back to them and demonstrate a powerful understanding of their reality.
  • The Hidden Persuaders  —  skills for covert, conversational mind control.   Bend someone’s mind around to your way of thinking.  Dark Side Mind Control works one-on-one or in a group dynamic.
  • The Forbidden OCTOBER MAN Sequence  —  say certain magic words and instantly get anyone so attracted to you they will want to take your clothes off and take you home.
  • The Lie Detector  —  reveals secrets to detecting deceit so you will never be lied to again.

hypnosisThe Dark Side Hypnosis Course teaches covert mind control techniques that technician have used in secret for many years.  Act now!

Consider This:

The advanced techniques learned in the Black Ops Hypnosis course are useful in many situations.  Salesmen can use them to increase their productivity and earnings.  You can be the star at any group gathering by using these advanced techniques.  Show off if you might.  Use them at work to understand the dynamic within the office or workplace.  Make them work for you!

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